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Ongoing Projects


Pathsala has concentrated its effort to improve the occupational and literary education of targeted unprivileged children residing in the slums -colonies with poor Educational sensitization due to limited reach of Government's policies and Executions.

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Humari Jeet

TZF has always been the prime promoter of Health and Hygiene particularly awareness lacking menstrual hygiene ill concerns. Keeping a prevalent subjugated dependent scenario of poor class of families, TZF has launched a program HAMARI JEET

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Hunar Se Rozgar

With a view to upgrade the hitherto skill training program to empower the women in terms of financial independency as well as community organization, TZF has planned to integrate the inputs of the prime Fashion Design Institutes

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TZF has conducted a baseline survey over the unemployment scenario of unprivileged sections residing in slums and colonies of operational areas of Delhi,Here they found lack of required skilling and poor communication and networking with employers lead to very poor access to income generating jobs.

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This community health program - Arogya is well designed to fill the gap between poor life conditions and quality health facilities.

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School Chale Hum

TZF has received satisfaction with the impact assessment of this innovative move and thus decided to upgrade the model to the next level with Minimum target of beneficiaries to be 800 school dropouts and to enrolled tleast 65% of them to Formal Education Institution or Board.

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Santa Box

TZF has started a project to identify targeted disadvantaged children in slums area of capital Delhi -NCR and provide them Gifts in the form of Educational kits, Books, clothes, Shoes etc

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Monthly Ration kit

Many elderly live alone or with dependent children or are neglected by their families. They are too old or physically weak and thus unable to find work. They are forced to beg and are often homeless.

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No sleeping Hungry

Over the last 20 years, total food grain production in India increased from 198 million tonnes to 269 million tonnes. Despite increase in food production, the rate of malnutrition in India remains very high.

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Kora Kagaz

A proposed intervention to perform a dual role of environment conservation as well as providing access to Notebooks from leftover materials of Educational Institutions and corporate offices.

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