TareZameen Foundation – A Non – Profit Organization


Tare Zameen Foundation is a non-profit organization registered
in the year 2018 in Delhi. Since its inception, the organization
has been working for many causes like the upliftment of Children,
Women and the Divyanjan.

Chairman Message

We, at Tare Zameen Foundation, believe that there’s always a ray of hope in everyone’s life. But for some that ray of hope is darker than what most of us have. Therefore, we work to brighten up that ray of hope for those people and make their lives respectful and independent. As it is said, our actions cannot change the world, but it can change the world of one person. So, Tare Zameen Foundation can proudly speak that it has been successful in changing the world of many for better.

Upcoming Projects

Mask Lagao Campaign

The vision to help and prevent the migrant workers traveling on foot to their respective villages in whichever way it is possible from getting infected by covid-19.
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ABCD Online Drawing Competition

Tare Zameen Foundation has come with the concept of A.B.C.D or Any Body Can Draw. This is an online drawing competition
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Working Field


“ Learning gives Creativity, Creativity leads to Thinking, Thinking provides Knowledge, Knowledge makes you Great !! “


“ He who has Health, has Hope; and he has Hope has Everything! Serve the People and Support the needy one !! ”


“ Leaders become Great, not because of their Power but because of their ability to empower others !! “

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“Giving is the attribute of the strongest. One who believes in ‘giving’ is in true sense blessed by the Almighty."

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in serving and standing for the poor, needy, and the unprivileged.”

“A giver always gives away with his personal state of contentment and fulfillment and that is why a giver is always loved more than the gift.”

“Serving the poor is no less than returning the Almighty’s favour to have made a person enough privileged to serve the poor and needy.”

“A living can definitely be made by getting what you get, but a life is made only by giving what you can give to others.”