Health – TareZameen Foundation



“ He who has Health, has Hope;
and he has Hope has Everything!
Serve the People and Support the needy one !! ”

Our Commitment

Tare Zameen Foundation has been conducting Awareness Programmes relentlessly to address the ignorance on the health of the people especially, of women and children.



Children Health

We have been conducting Free Health Camps in the underprivileged areas to reach out to those children who couldn’t afford it or did not have enough access to healthcare facilities. Poverty leads to inadequate food intake in children, resulting in malnutrition which leads to stunted growth. We as an organization, stand in to take immediate actions to reduce such cases.

Women Health

We have conducted awareness programs on cancer, HIV/AIDS, leprosy, and various other critical diseases. We have been conducting awareness programs on menstrual health as lot of women do not have proper knowledge about it. We have distributed sanitary napkins in the underprivileged and unprivileged areas for women. They were either unable to afford it or had misconceptions about it. so, we stepped in and removed both of them.

“Health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver"