Current Project

Our Current Project

Mask Lagao Campaign

The vision to help and prevent the migrant workers traveling on foot to their respective villages in whichever way it is possible from getting infected by covid-19. Masks are the most important tool in doing so therefore, Tare Zameen Foundation along with Mask Free India, plans to distribute at least 1500 masks in no cost to the poor migrant workers with the help of ground volunteers. This campaign will surely bring a huge change in the lives of many migrant workers.

A.B.C.D- Any Body Can Draw

Closure of schools due to lockdown amidst Covid-19 pandemic has restricted the students at home with limited access to sports and other fun activities. This has eventually impacted their mental health. Children are becoming more and more aggressive staying at home. It is believed that Art brings happiness & positivity. Therefore, in order to bring positivity in the minds of children, Tare Zameen Foundation has come with the concept of A.B.C.D or Any Body Can Draw. This is an online drawing competition, wherein all the school going students from the classes 3rd to 12th in India are welcome to submit their creativity and talent. To support them, Tare Zameen Foundation will spread their drawings throughout its social media handles, making the masses aware of the talent and creativity these children possess.