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Board members play a critical role in the development and success of non-profit organisations. Sometimes referred to as a Board of Trustees, these volunteers act as guardians for your organisation who protect and maintain the core values and purposes of the organisation. As a collective body, the trustees hold the authority and responsibility to ensure the fulfilment of an organisation’s mission. They are ultimately responsible for the fiscal health of the institution. The board of trustees governing role is typically limited to selection of the president and policy approval, with the daily operations and management of the institution operated by staff and volunteers.

Board Members

Mr. Bishikesan Saw (CHAIRMAN & FOUNDER)

MR. Bishikesan Saw graduated in BSC from Fakir Mohan University (Odisha) and has a Master in MBA (International Business) from IIebm Pune. He has conceived and explored Knowledge Management, the Culture and Competence Initiative, and its Leadership Development program. He has 12 years’ Experience in Corporate sector.

Philanthropy has been a liberating, enriching and humbling journey for me and my family. The scale and complexity of India’s problems need a collective approach to working at solutions, and Tare Zameen Foundation is leading the way by building unique collaborative models to improve the lives of millions of Indians still living in poverty.

Dr Pawan Gupta (Trustee)

MBBS, MS, M. Ch(Surgical Oncology) FAIS, FSOG Director, MAX Institute of Cancer Care, MAX Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali National President – I CAN WIN FOUNDATION Advisory Board and Director – ICanCaRe (Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation) Dr Pawan Gupta is a trusted Senior Surgical Oncologist, who is also a social activist and author. He has featured in the Buzz Creator and on many channels on TV. he is awarded in Icd appreciation award, Swami Vivekananda and sister Margaret award 2017, Delhi Ngo leadership award 2017, Aiecs award 2018 at Indian Institute of public health Gandhi nagar, Asian – African leadership award in social innovation 2019, he also writes different books i.e. Win over tobacco made easy, Be smart do not start”, Win over tobacco etc.

Dr. Chandramani Brahmdutt (Trustee)

Dr. Chandramani Brahmdutt graduated and M. A(Political science, Defence Science, Modern History, Hindi Literature, Education, Sociology, Philosophy) M.Phil., L.L.B. He has awarded “Sahitya Bhusan, Sahitya Ratna, Sahitya Mahaupadhya, Sahitya Speaker”. His published Book “Kranti ki Laptain, Lutta Karwan, Rajjo, Iswar, Paribartan, Prashan dar Prashan etc. .He is Founder & Chairman of Indraprastha Literature Festival, New Delhi. International Chairman of Narayani Sahitya Academi, New Delhi. Founder of International Kishan Parishad, New Delhi, and Trustee of Vijayani Foundation. My constant endeavour is to create an impact in the lives of the less privileged so that they are better prepared for tomorrow. At Tare Zameen Foundation my efforts are to contribute towards this impact and make this world a better place to live.

Mrs. Reeta Patra (Trustee)

Mrs. Reeta Patra graduated and M.A in (Sanskrit), she also a social worker and Sahityakar. She is Founder & Chairman of Vijayani Foundation, New Delhi. Serving on Tare Zameen Foundation presents great opportunities for meaningfully contributing to a worthy cause, which is to have a transformed India where a billion thrive with dignity and equity

Mr. Shasikanta Mallick

Shasikanta is a Senior Human Resource Consultant and is based in New Delhi. He is a Human Resource specialist with a career spanning fifteen years, in which he has a multi-functional background in the area of Business Partnering, Talent Acquisition,Talent Management and Development. He is specialized in Niche Industry Vertical (Aerospace,Satellite Communications, Railway, Biotechnology and Medical Devices). He is specialized and focused on the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) agenda at India level.

Corporate Members