Tare Zameen Foundation is committed to ensuring that the fundamental principles of good governance – transparency, integrity, accountability, and responsibility – are practiced in all of the foundation’s activities. Additionally, our processes have been setup to allow maximum efficiency while carrying out our different initiatives for women, children and the Divyanjan.


The Board of Directors is TZF’s primary governing body. The primary duty of the Board is to make policy and management decisions while working in close coordination with the Chairman, who serves as an ex-office Board member, and staff to implement the strategic priorities decided by members. Our board is made up of leaders from different walks of life (doctors, authors, and business), all sharing the common goals of social welfare and development of the less-privileged.


The Chairman is responsible for the overall direction in which the foundation moves, and for managing the day-to-day activities. He/she is accountable to the board of directors as well as the volunteer groups on ground and serves as the lynchpin of the foundation.


The internal and independent audit committees are testament to TZF’s focus on maintaining full transparency with regard to operations as well as constantly improving system processes and decision making. Our internal audits are setup periodically by the board of directors to help the foundation attain its intended targets by procuring a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve risk management, internal control and corporate governance processes. TZF annually publishes an activity report and independent audit report on its website for the purpose of enlightening the public on its activities and financial health.


Our project managers are the ones responsible for fulfilling the foundation’s vision as it relates to women empowerment, upliftment of the Divyanjan and education of children. Each PM leads groups of volunteers to carry out multiple campaigns throughout the year on issues related to priorities set by the Chairman and Board of Directors.

FUND Disbursement (2019-2020)