Fundraising Principles

Divyang Empowerment

At the Tare Zameen Foundation our work is funded by donations from passionate, empathetic people from around the world who strive to make a difference and create tangible changes. 

We also collaborate with international NGOs and work with corporate CSR programmes and grants from private foundations who align with our values and goals.

Donate today and help us make a difference!


How to contribute

Choose a programme that you wish to contribute towards

Choose the desired amount, choose whether you wish to make the donation once or monthly, and click on “Donate’. You can also choose the “Other Amount” option to specify an amount of your preference.

in the appropriate details in the page that appears and click on “Pay now”.

You will be redirected to the payment portal. Make the payment with a suitable payment option.

If the payment is successful, your donation will be received and you will be periodically updated about the people whose lives you have changed and the initiative you are supporting.