General Q&A

Tare Zameen Foundation works to provide quality education, health-care facilities and employment opportunities to the under-privileged children, women and divyangs of our society.
Tare Zameen Foundation is based in Delhi, India.
Around 2-3rd of India’s population is below poverty line. They lack basic health care facilities, formal schooling, employment opportunities.
Tare Zameen Foundation was started in the year 2018. Currently, the foundation marks its 2 years.
Tare Zameen Foundation works to provide quality education and formal schooling, health care facilities and employment opportunities to the under-privileged children, women and divyangs.
Mr. Bishikesan Saw (Chairman & founder), Dr Chandramani Brahmdutt, Dr Pawan Gupta & Mrs. Reeta Patra serves as Trustee, Shashikant Mallick (HR/Admin)
Tare Zameen Foundation works in the field of Education, health and empowerment of underprivileged children, women and divyangs.
Tare Zameen Foundation is a non-profit organization working solely for social cause.
Direct funds and CSR funds are the two major source of funding for the Organization.
Any Ngo can apply on volunteering basis.
Tare Zameen Foundation choose projects on the areas of Health, education and empowerment of under-privileged children, women and divyangs. Any NGO working for the same cause can partner with Tare Zameen.
Under-privileged children, women and divyangs are the target beneficiaries.
Around 170 beneficiaries are benefitted from Tare Zameen’s various programs including children, women and divyangs.
Any corporate, Government, NGOs and volunteers can associate with Tare Zameen Foundation.
Yes, Tare Zameen Foundation provide Internships. One can apply through Internshala.
Donations can be done through cheques, or directly on websites.
Tare Zameen Foundation initiated the Go to School Program, where 500 children every year are enrolled into formal schooling.
Tare Zameen Foundation conducts vocal awareness campaigns on HIV-AIDs, cancer, and other deadly diseases.
Tare Zameen foundation initiated Tea serving campaigns to the front line workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and provided Relief (Ration) Kits to the needy families.

FAQs for individual donors

Donor is provided with the expenditure status of the amount paid by the Donor.
Tare Zameen Foundation will use your donation purely for social work.
No, Tare Zameen Foundation only accepts the donations in INR.
A donor can donate according to his/her will.
Yes, website is safe for all kind of payments.
The donor will benefit with a 50% Tax reduction.
yes, we provide the Tax receipt. You will get the Tax receipt as the donation is made.
Donor will have to provide us with Donation number, amount donated and the date it was done. As soon as we get these details, a new Tax receipt will be provided to donor
Yes, it is possible for a consistent supporter to meet the beneficiaries.