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Tare Zameen Foundation invites corporations to get involved with us to achieve the shared objectives with integrated action, we can help our corporate partners to act in a way that has a positive social impact. We also provide a space for corporations to engage in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. We believe that such partnerships will help us mutually realise our values.



Tare Zameen Foundation invites all Voluntary and Non-Governmental Organisations to join us in our mission. Partnerships with organisations will be a mutually beneficial alliance where we can pool our resources to obtain our respective goals and for the greater good of society. This will also foster greater efficiency as well as significant transparency. Through such joint ventures, social goals become achievable.



Project Kilkari

Project Kilkari is the first project initiated by CDF DSC Chapter in 2019 aiming to help the children who can’t afford to study by providing them quality education.

Project Aarohan

Project Aarohan was initiated in 2019 to uplift women and make them financially independent and stronger than ever.


Society / Club Collaboration

Society is to be constructed over a joint governing board of TZF and School Institution and the executive team is composed of the students itself under the structure of Student Council.


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