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My First Day At Tare Zameen Par

19 Sep 2022 3:23 PM | Anonymous

To start with I have never worked with an NGO, so working with this one was kind of a first experience for me. It’s not that I have never written before but with an NGO, it is different and you will get to know why. Well, NGOs are something that is related to humanity and this is what touches the core of the heart. Its not about the fake publicity or the fancy restaurants we blabbering of. We are talking about simple human emotions and that is what Tare Zameen Foundation. It connects us to our cores.

Okay, Let’s start from the day I got the interview which I was not even prepared for. I mean I was in my college’s sports ground and I got a call on my phone. It was an unknown number obviously and I answered it. They asked some general questions about experience and one thing I just wondered was the simplicity. Some questions and done. However, they asked for some samples too. After a week, they added me to the whatsapp group and all the articles and content was assigned and now after an ample time, I really got to understand this foundation.

Everything here is simple and transparent. I mean, I loved the concept of the organization that it works on total transparency and everything is just clear to us. For example I know where my content is posted, when will it post and so on.

If we look at the work, its not much. But what I really like about the organization, it lets me be what I am. I basically write poems which come through the heart. No filter. I can write that type of content here. What is just brilliant about the institute or this NGO is it doesn’t turn a blind eye to the prevailing problems in the society. We know children are under privileged, we know women are ill treated, yet what do we do about it? Nothing. I was like that too not because I didn’t want to do anything but because I didn’t have any means to. The Tare Zameen Foundation provided means to do so.

In the face of the prevailing evils, we just feel like an unarmed soldier who has bravery in his heart, but will get killed to show it. Like him we are humans with humanity and all human emotions in our heart but without any means to change the prevailing conditions. It makes it seem helpless but with NGOs like Tare Zameen Par we can do our bit, we just need to decide how.

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