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About Us

The journey of this organization started with a woman with an unshakable attitude toward social services. She believed that the right way to worship Lord Shiva is to cultivate selflessness and dedicate one's service to mankind.

Even in her last breath, she blessed her beloved son with a responsibility to give back to society.

The son was always zealous towards his mother’s wishes and thus did justice to his mother’s blessings and laid the foundation of a social service expedition named "Tare Zameen Foundation".

A Non-Profit Organization, Tare Zameen Foundation is registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882 vide registration No. 2320/4 dated 19th Dec2018. We hope for a discrimination-free future and act towards making that a reality where people don’t have to fight for their necessities, rights, and security. We focus on enabling equal access to quality education, healthcare, shelter, food, and water for all. Tare Zameen Foundation works with the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our society to ensure they get the opportunities to lead better lives.

We also aim at providing women with the peaceful lives and freedom that they deserve. We at TZF have taken a precaution against the prevalent diseases and medical complexities and pledge to bring all the necessary health facilities to the underprivileged and unaware people of our society.

The promotion of social relations, as well as responsibility, is subtly manifested through the organization's relief programs, especially during these difficult times, which puts the sustenance of life into question and calls humanity to protect, and support, these people with all the basic amenities.

We have channeled our faith and hard work toward educating these poor children so that their education can help them create a better life for themselves.

We aspire to create a society equipped with attitude, skills, and knowledge with ethical conduct that will light the lamp of prosperity.

Our Priorities

Turn Empathy
Into Action

Giving empathy a positive shape by acting on improving the lives of the marginalised and economically disadvantaged populations.

Focus on

To educate underprivileged and vulnerable children in India by enrolling at least 500 children into formal schooling every year.


To ensure girls' and women's safety and ensure they live a violence-free life. We also make sure nothing prevents their freedom to speak and get equal opportunities via special empowerment programmes.

Help the

To ensure people in India do not face discrimination, inequality, or poverty based on their caste, gender, physical disabilities, or economic backgrounds.

Inspire the

A better future is possible only if we all come together. By our action, we hope we help and inspire the community to come together and progress towards prosperity.Transparent Governance


We believe in and practise transparency, integrity, accountability, and responsibility.


To promote sustainable development through educating, organizing, and empowering the underprivileged to foster self-determination, gender equality, and justice and to end poverty by enhancing the standard of living for the poor and disadvantaged through significant socioeconomic development.


Building a self-sufficient society, nurtured with a national ethos for sustainable economic growth, prosperity, and peace.


Transparency leads to trust and creates a sense of security. Tare Zameen Foundation believes in and is built on these very words.




Education : To work for the promotion of education and literacy in the society.

Self Employment / Livelihood : To organize , undertake,& implement programs / activities for the promotion of better self- employment/ employment ventures among the needy and unemployed sections of our society.

Health : To promote , propagate and ensure better health for the needy community as well as every section of the society.

Women Empowerment : To work for the Empowerment of the women with special focus on the downtrodden and aggrieved sections.

Environment : To aware ,educate, mobilize people through programs and activities for promotion and conservation of our environment .

Welfare : To undertake all possible welfare activities involving relief, rehabilitation, regeneration, advocacy with a view of creating a social just society.

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