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A Community Health Program

The Indian healthcare scenario presents a spectrum of contrasting landscapes. At one end of the spectrum are the glitzy steel and glass structures delivering high tech Medicare to the well-heeled, mostly urban Indian. At the other end are the ramshackle outposts in the remote reaches of the “other India” trying desperately to live up to their identity as health sub-centres, waiting to be transformed to shrines of health and wellness, a story which we will wait to see unfold. With the rapid pace of change currently being witnessed, this spectrum is likely to widen further, presenting even more complexity in the future. Our country began with a glorious tradition of public health, as seen in the references to the descriptions of the Indus valley civilization (5500–1300 BCE) which mention “Arogya” as reflecting “holistic well-being.” Respecting the same tradition and analyzing the contemporary scenario and trends, TZF is about to launch a community health program name AROGYA (आरोग्य) which aims to provide free and quality routine Health checkups and awareness campaign in order to implement medical science and services for the welfare of the disadvantage sections who can't afford such checkups due to various socio-economic hindrances.


This community health program - Arogya is well designed to fill the gap between poor life conditions and quality health facilities. Deep pocket medical expenses cannot be ignored at large and thus compromise other basic requirements as hindrance to development. For this TZF has adopted the concept of medical empowerment of masses in order to pursue precautionary moves against late costly and risky treatment. The spirit of this project lays upon the concept that ignorance or lack of proper knowledge and access will not cost the incredible life. In collaboration with renowned Medical Institutions and Independent Medicine Experts, TZF will organize a highly enthusiastic medical team to provide free health checkups to the persons who are not able to afford such periodic examinations due to their poor socio -economic factors. Health checkups include periodic age specific diseases and complexion along with eyes and regular dental checkups. Earlier we have conducted successful delivery of Breast cancer and HIV based awareness campaigns into the streets of Delhi NCR. This awareness generation programme caters to create a concerned attitude towards precautionary measures especially for the seasonal virus as well as deadly diseases like cancer, HIV, Tuberculosis etc. Dissemination of WHO guidelines over Health issues and management is considered to be one of the most effective harnessing of International world resources and information. At last we promote the central Govt's initiative of Generic medicines and make them affordable and easy access to the person in need.


You can create a positive impact in the society and your life by volunteering for our projects and initiatives that you feel you are passionate about. We will be glad to connect with you. Join us TODAY!!



Your generous donations allow TZF to continue to provide children from low-income communities with an excellent education.

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Recent Updates

  • To provide free quality health checkups to disadvantaged sections of the society
  • To disseminate medical information about the deadly prevalent diseases.
  • To provide affordable generic medicines to the targeted sections of beneficiaries
  • To create a strong public stances over the frugal medical assistance and Healthy diet
  • To promote nutritional healthy diet against undernutrition scenario
  • Promote safe maternal and child health through dedicated medical assistance
  • Primary Assessment
  • Mobilization
  • Formation of Doctors / Medical team
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Health Check up Camps
  • Accessibility to Affordable Genetic Medicines
  • Follow Ups
  • Impact Assessment
  Sources of Support
  • CSR Funds
  • Collaborative organization's Contribution
  • Donation Campaign and public support
  • Sponsorships
  • State Govt. Supports
  • Central Government Supports

Social Impact

Underprivileged Families



Total no. Of


No. Of health
checkups Camps Per Year


Total Collaborative

Delhi NCR


₹65, 00,000

Budget Estimates
Per Annum


    • 23 Jul 2022
    • 2 May 2024

    Tare Zameen Foundation has been persistently conducting Awareness Programmes after its inception to address the casual disregard for the health of the marginalised people, especially that of women and children.

    • 23 Jul 2022
    • 2 May 2024

    Education is one of the fundamental programs of the Tare Zameen Foundation. We are committed to providing basic education to underprivileged Children, Women, and Divyang.


Success Story

I am really proud to be associated with Aarogya Seva as a volunteer. Participating in volunteering activities to serve the citizens in improving their health gives immense satisfaction to me.

- Rajesh Tovinakere

I was quite impressed by what they were doing in the area of Health and Education for the underprivileged.

This moment made me realize that this is the best way to channelize my little contribution to the needy.

- K. R. Jagadish

I was privileged to be a part of digital enablement for Govt. school kids’ tie-up with BYJU’s and overwhelmed by the facilities extended to rural kids. They have also helped many needy patients, who cannot pay their medical bills.

I wish that you grow and rise, and thankful to Mr. Kote for his vision in social responsibility.

- C. K. Ramesh


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